Smart Business cards


NFC Scannable Smart Business Cards

Say hello to the future of networking with a contactless NFC scannable business card! No more fumbling around with paper cards – just a quick tap of your card on someone's phone, and you're instantly connected. It's sleek, modern, and makes a killer first impression that'll leave your contacts wowed and eager to stay in touch! 📱🤝

We call them "smart" for several reasons:

  • Carry just one card

  • Never run out of cards

  • Cost effective

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Efficient

  • Flexible - have them go to any url you want

  • Custom designed just for you


What can you do with a Smart Business Card?

We will connect your Smart Business Card to a url of your choice. As a business card, we suggest a "Bio" site that has links to your social media profiles, video, your latest offer, an optin page link, etc., in addition to your contact info. We specialize in building these bio sites.

Trying to land a new job? We suggest you link to a condensed version of your resume. Involved in a fundraiser? Selling tickets to a live event? We can link your Smart Business Card directly to the registration page or the donation page to give super fast access to the page that counts. Or just include them all on one bio site. The possibilities are endless!


How do Smart Business Cards work?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. There is a small NFC transmitter in each Smart Business Card. Almost all cell phones have an NFC receiver inside. We program the business card to store a link to a url of your choice. Hold your Smart Business Card very close to the back of the NFC-enabled phone you're sharing to. The phone you're sharing to will read the information and open your url. That's it!


Simple Process to get your Smart Business Card

Step 1: Purchase a domain if you don't already have one and provide us brief access to set things up

Step 2: We build your Bio Site

Step 3: We connect your Smart Business Card to your Bio Site

That's it! We will host your site and maintain it with updates whenever you want to add, change, or remove something.

Would you like to discuss how you could use a Smart Business Card for your person use or your business? Click the button below and fill out the short form. We will contact you promptly.



Website design has changed drastically over the last few years and it continues to change rapidly. Do you need a new website or a redesign but dread going through the process and dread spending all that money up front? We can help if you're in one of our selected niches.

Add this service to any package we offer.

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If you are now meeting clients and team members by video rather than in person, we have a very affordable tool we would like to share with you. TR-OfficeTalk is very similar to Zoom, UberConference, and Google Meet. The difference is our tool has more features and costs less.

If you need more features than the free versions of any of the most popular tools offer, TR-OfficeTalk may be just the tool you need.

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BIO Site Examples

For Custom Design Similar to the Examples Above

Annual Recurring Fee for Maintenance and Changes

$147 Setup Fee + $97 Per Year

First Year Total: $244

($97 per year thereafter to keep)

If your desired design and hub site is more complicated than the examples above, please ask for a quote before purchasing.


-Custom colors & branding

-Cropping of images if needed

-Background image or color

-Up to 10 links

-Text sections


-Live email link

-Live phone number

-Up to 5 physical Smart Business Cards with branding

-Hosting and Maintenance for the year

-Changes and Updates Upon Request

-Renewable after 12 months for $97

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